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Untitled practice and sharing 

"I open a space where the practice and sharing of unnamed tasks are mixed. I share fragments of exploration that have passed so far, practicing with the theme of 'Wireless Communication Technology, WiFi, and Virtual Connectivity.' In this space, there are contemplations on the intersection and misalignment when bringing technology devices with clear functions and purposes into the realm of creative exploration. In other words, when predominantly result-oriented technological devices encounter process-oriented creative endeavors, I observe the states and forms of collision and misalignment, contemplating what significance this may hold. There are reflections on the ambiguous states and interpretations related to this collision.

 Furthermore, there are vague and intricate thoughts tangled together within this work, contemplating possibilities of practice where technology and the body coexist, and imagining choreography expanding beyond human existence. Thick and thin ideas coexist as a hazy mass. Please enjoy this still unnamed, confusing, and unstable state. Kim Suhwa, morning coffee, cats, and butterflies await you."

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