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안무: 손나예

출연/창작파트너: 김수화, 김지형, 남유현

길이: 약 60분

장소: 서울무용센터 2층 및 옥상  

2020년 서울무용센터 레지던시 선정예술가 쇼케이스

Shape experiment(2020)


60mins, performance 

Choreography: Nayeah Son 

Co-creators: Suhwa Kim, Jihyung Kim, Yuhyeon Nam 

Seoul Dance Center, Seoul, South Korea


This work focuses on the feeling of fear that one feels from knowing but not knowing exactly. We cannot say for sure in 2020, but we may experience more diverse forms of disaster in the future. What is clear is that now we in this era know that all this can happen to my loved ones at any time. The experience of physical pain and the sadness of loss bring fear. <Shape Experiment> is about the irresistable aspects of an accident and how the sensations and emotions of it can be expressed in body movements.

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